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Hey coach, have you ever known weightlifting to cause a shoulder separation? the other day i was benching (with good form) and i got some serious pain in my shoulder-turns out my shoulder is separated. i'm not in any sports right now and i cant remember falling on it, the only thing i can think of is that i might have had it for some time and the heavy lifting caused me to notice it.

David | 2008-05-13

benches can cause more problems than any other exercise! why??? i am not sure but i know at my level that most people do not do the reciprocal movement patterns enough to protect that shoulder.
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do you think the impact from cleans could damage the collarbone area and cause a separation?
Mike Burgener
i have not heard of racking the clean or crashing the bar on the clavical causing a seperation. get your elbows around quicker and the bar will not crash. also the shoulders act as a platform for the bar.....the clavical should not be involved.