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Wanted to ask you a follow-up question about my knees popping. I have been to the ART doc and stretching like mad with little success. I wondered if you have ever heard of anyone putting some type of insert into their weightlifting shoes. I know I probably don't want anything soft, but maybe a stiffer insert??
It feels very much like I have run up and down the basketball court too many times and I have a case of "jumper's knee".

John | 2006-09-08

i have known a few lifters that did use an insert with some success. just rojas one of my lifters used a insert and loved it. sounds like your knees are inflammed.....cold plunges after hard workouts, anti-inflams have always worked well with our group.
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orthotics will prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing, which is very common in lifters--watch the feet the next time you see someone catch a clean or snatch and the inside of the ankle will likely drop inward. if you prevent this, not only will you avoid pain and potentiall serious problems in the ankle, knee, hip and back, but you'll actually be much stronger. just make sure you get fit for quality orthotics by a PT or similar who is familiar with athletes.
Do any weightlifters wear a jumper's knee band to tendonitis?