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Coach with Olymipic lifting I am sure you see your share of patellar tendinitis. What do you have your athletes do to help with the tendinitis. Most altheltes wear the strap below the knee and stretch the quads out is there anything else that can be done that is good?

Greg Kemp | 2006-01-24

in my 40 yrs of coaching oly lifting i have rarely seen patellar tendinitis so extreme that it required the patellar strap...but knees get sore and we do use knee bands. i like the tommy kono band, its like the old bob hoffman band. keeps the knees really warm. then of course ice....but my method of icing is different than most. get the knee totally submerged in a trash can full of ice and water. keep it in there for 15-20 min if you this 3-4 times per day but especially after hard workouts. we have had kids with severe ankle sprains come back and play within 7 days. hope this helps.
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