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Coach B, I'm experiencing an issue in my own personal lifting that I wonder if you have any thoughts about. I get an dull, aching type of pain in both shoulders, only comes on a few hours after snatching or overhead squats. Its worst at night and wakes me up. NSAIDs help. I've played around with grip width and it doesn't make much difference. Absolutely no pain when snatching, it only comes afterward. By the next day, its fine. Ice and/or heat makes no difference at all. I think this is "shoulder impingement" syndrome. I don't think I have any gross technical or anatomical problems, but its just a chronic/overuse type of thing. Have you had any lifters encounter this one, and know any ways to train around or help it (rotator cuff exercises, etc.?) I wouldn't care but for the loss of sleep, which is annoying. Doctors of course just say "don't lift," which is a non-starter. I took it easy on snatches a few weeks after a meet last fall and it made no difference. I can stop training after I'm dead. Just want to make sure there's not something helpful I can do that I don't know of. Thanks in advance, Jim.

jim hooper | 2006-01-12

have not had anyone that has had this....i mean, yes, we get minor irriatations, but nothing that lasts all the time.....i suppose i would take 3-4 wks off and only do cln and jerks with some snatch pulls, snatch deadlifts....keep that wide grip out of the equation for a 3-4 wk period of time. i know that his will be hard for you but in reality you can continue to train and if in 3 wks you do not feel better then i think i would get a sports ortho to take a look at it. i know that pavel, greg glassman, steve cotter all have some good shoulder rehab exercises with kettlebells etc that may be good. if you are not better, lets get in contact with them to see if there is anything they would suggest.
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jim hooper
Thanks Coach B.