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I'm relatively new to olympic lifting and was introduced to it through crossfit. I was thinking about doing the crossfit oly cert but then found out there is a USAW level 1 cert class too. Is the crossfit oly cert equivalent to the USAW level 1 in any way. If not, whats the diff?

Jerome Winters | 2010-07-31

i use to teach the usaw level 1 cert before i really got into teaching the crossfit oly certs. in fact my first yr with xfit i taught both certs. the usaw cert is a good it the same as the xfit cert....not in my opinion. the crossfit certs are 99.9% hands on and the goal is to teach others HOW TO TEACH THE SN, CLN AND THE JERK. IF you can do both, do both. if not, then in my opinion the xfit cert is best.
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