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Coach B:

I have a question about toeing out during the clean and the snatch, etc.

I was taught as a college track and field athlete to keep the toes straight ahead during the clean and the snatch because it supposedly is where we jump from; which being a college athlete did not bother me. However, I notice the weightlifter toe out when they pull off the floor, seems to be a more solid pull as well as it looks like they are in a better set position during the first pull.

Is there any mechanical advantage or recruitment of more muscles with toeing out than with toes straight during the lift off and during the pull? It seems also that the pull is a little shorter when toes are out than opposed to when toes are straight.

Your thoughts?



Jason | 2014-05-29

Your body will tell you where to pull from. 90% of lifters have feet slightly out....10% feet straight! Your body knows best IMHO!!
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