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Coach B, first I'd like to thank you for all the advice we CrossFitters get from your CF Journal materials. Loved the recent video of you and Annie T. -- I learn something new every time I hear you break down the Burgener warmup and the skill transfers.

My question concerns the hook grip, and I apologize in advance if you've already addressed this but I did search the website before submitting this question. Specifically, should you use the hook grip just to strengthen your grip, or does it impact lifting technique (especially in the snatch) in some other way?

I'm asking because I'm a small guy (5'3", 133 lbs., 46 yrs old) with small hands, so the hook grip is difficult for me. But my grip is very strong -- my max DL is 340 without straps and no problem with grip. So if grip strength is not an issue, is there any other reason to use the hook?

Coach, I would greatly appreciate your advice and thanks again for all the help you've already given me and countless others!

Bill Maynard

Bill Maynard | 2011-04-26

hey bill....there is a reason why 100% of the world class lifters use the hook grip. their hands do not slip when lifting heavy weights fast. lifting heavy weights slow is not an issue and your grip strength is enough....but lifting heavy wts fast is an issue. now having said 46, small hands, unless you are going to be an olympic competitor....i would not worry about it. just do not tell my children i said that!!!! coach b
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