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Hi Coach! I've got an athlete that has issues with overhead squats/snatch because of her hyper flexible elbows. Here's a pic:

Have you dealt with this with other athletes? Any thing we can do? I'm stumped.

Brian PCF | 2011-02-24

when i see athletes like this i normally get all excited because i have found these people are great lifters. however, i have asked k starrett to address this as well as tracy fober, both pt's who i respect. i will get back to you when i hear from them.
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Brian PCF
Great, thanks Coach!
Hey Coach
I agree on the slight hyper extension especially when they aren't too far on the sketchy side. Gymnasts are the same way

But too much and with athletes that aren't strong it is a problem

This athlete has to stay connected and needs tons of your drills and high speed practice so she doesn't destroy herself

Besides we are likely talking novice with newish technique

Is she having issues?
Or is the coach just worried

I usually see overextended, weak low backs that go with it and make the shoulder unstable, and the athlete uses the overextended elbow to find stability.

Bottom line, It's just like the overextended, locked out knee. And how do we coach that? Same same