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I know this is a weird question, but I have a nice oly weight set at home and I also lift at school, and at school my max power clean is 285lbs but my max full clean at school is 295lbs. I think I should be able to do more than 10lbs on my clean than pwrclean and I dont know why? Also with the pendlay set at my house my max lifts in the clean and power clean are about 5% lower than at school. Is this mental? I don't think FS are a problem cause I FS 335lbs, what do you think the problem could be.

Drew | 2010-04-01

you have not learned to pull your body under the bar with aggressiveness and speed. you are still pulling the bar up and then dropping under it.....personally i would not allow you to pwr clean for 4-6 wks only doing full cleans emphasizing change of direction and speed under the bar. good luck and keep me informed of your progress. coach b
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