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Do you know any drill that I could do to prevent pressing the bar in the split jerk when the weight gets heavy and I start to fatigue. For example on a set of 3 jerks from the rack at 85% the 1st rep is very solid technique wise, the 2nd rep isnt as good, and the 3rd rep i mite push the bar up receiving the bar in a very small split, and half the time the bar is out in front so I cant complete the rep.

Peyton | 2010-02-23

i think you answered your own question. i rarely do more than singles when the wt. gets to 80%. if i want more volume....i.e. 15 reps or so....i would do 15 singles 1 every 60-90 sec or so. speed thru the middle is critical and you have to have fast hands/fast feet with a big drive to get that.....when one does more than 1 rep in my opinion it really fatigues the neuromuscular system.
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