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Coach B,
I've been running into a problem as of late in that my power clean and power snatch are getting heavier than the squat versions of the exercises. I'm 5'10 75kg lifter with a 90kg clean and jerk and a 70kg snatch. Both are power variants. I'm having some trouble getting under the bar fast enough for full cleans and full snatches. Any help would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks Coach

Adam | 2010-01-14

send video to facebook or you tube for me to see.....or send them to my e mail address: based on what you are telling me i would think you are pulling with your arms too much and not creating enough speed thru the addition to that i would bet your sn balance is weaker than your overhead squat....and that is probably weak as well. you are strong in the 1/4 sqt position, but you lose that with your weakness in the bottom position. look forward to hearing from you
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