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Coach, I started traditional crossfit about 1 year ago and recently started following the crossfit football protocol. My PR's are bench 315, press 160, c&j 205, squat 300, deadlift 400. All of the lower body lifts are done with POOR hamstring and hip flexibility. I negated lifting my lower body for years because of a serious knee injury. It now feels fine but my flexibility has suffered greatly. Any stretches you recommend for hamstring and hip flexibility so I can get deeper in the squat position without sacrificing back angle? I tend to bend over to get lower which I know isn't good. Thanks Coach, you're the man and an inspiration.

Sam S | 2009-12-23

coach bob takano suggest wide stance good mornings first from the standing position and moving to a seated position on a bench to the floor. if you send me an e mail address i will send you a jpg of what we are talking about re floor. from the standing position take the bar and put on traps....widen stance, lock knees, now push butt back keeping knees locked and back not round the back at all. once the back looses its strong flat position....stop and stretch. look forward to hearing from you, coach b
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