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Hi Coach B,

First, congrats on your son's accomplishments at the Olympic trials and in Beijing; he is a great addition to USA Weightlifting.

My question for you is in regards to "bracing." I have read a lot of Dr. Stuart McGill's work on bracing during lifting movements to stabilize the Lumbar, etc. and to create "super stiffness" in during these lifts. Other than holding the breath to activate Fluid pressure, what is your take on this method? I can understand it when you are doing strength movements but will this stiffness get in the way of the high force triple extension movement of the Olympic lifts? Do you use bracing (setting the core) with your athletes during ab exercises, etc.?

Thanks for your answer, best of luck.



Jason | 2008-11-01

i have not heard of bracing....are you using it in terms of a belt? i have my athletes take in air before they dip for the jerk, they hold the air before dipping....hold, dip, drive, recover, let bar down, let air out. i get them to belly breath. push the belly out (diaphramic breathing) make the stomach large not the for us. coach b
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