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I have been working on my snatch balance but find that as I get heavier...for me anyway, it ends up more like a quick sn gr pp and a somewhat slow drop. I usually stop at this point as I don't think I'm getting the desired result. Is it better to stay lighter and drop faster and save the sn gr pp/ohs to get used to heavier loads? Hopefully I'll get more comfortable dropping under a heavy load

Trevor Salmon | 2008-10-15

first off your idea that the sn balance is a drop is totally wrong. its a drive down with your arms hard and fast into an ohs!!! that is the concept to remember and to practice. if you take out the hard, hard, hard, driving of the arms you will drop and you will have to re-tighten up to get under the bar.....the driving down of the body is speed oriented. now to answer your question: use sn pp+ohs to get strong....and stronger...and stronger......then use sn balance for speed as well as learning to receive not catch but to receive the bar with great intensity and solid structure!!!! speed, speed, speed!!!! strong in the bottom!! practice, practice....and if the tech is bad, go lighter and slowly add weight to keep you getting stronger! good luck and let me know how i can help you!!! coach b
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Trevor Salmon
thanks so much. That explains your aggressive arms cues I have heard recently in videos.