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Hey Coach, any specific ab work outs, videos, or techniques. How about swiss ball workouts?

Jacob Nole | 2008-10-10

on one of my vids i have a demo of greg everett doing hanging leg raises on the pull up bar.....i love that exercise. i also use the ab mat with a kb situated between heels while performing sit ups. one more that i like is what i call: knees to elbows....while lying on the ground with legs straight and hands behind head....bring knees to elbows while doing a sit up. in my pe classes we did high reps with this one while pausing while the knees touched the elbows....i.e. 3-4 or more seconds. only thing i did on a swiss ball was jump on top of it, landing into a full sqt....balancing the body!!! well not me my son beau did!!!! coach b
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