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You guys have conditioning, strength and work capacity sections in your crossfit you train in that order at one time in the day or do you do conditioning in the morning, strength and work capacity later or vice versa. Just curious if you do it all together or split up throughout the day.

Mike Hanley

Mike | 2013-07-15

Hey Mike- Good question! In a perfect world, I'd do the conditioning in the morning, strength in the afternoon, take a 20 minute break and hit the work capacity. However I do not split it up anymore, because I understand that the reality is that most athletes can only get to the gym once a day. So if you have the luxury, train each segment independently to increase the intensity, but if you have to combine all three of them into one session, that is fine. Just make sure you take a few minutes to recover before moving to the next portion. As far as order, I do it in the order you see on the sight, but you can experiment to find what fits your schedule or capacity best!
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