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Hi Coach!
I am a French crossfitter and i first want to thank you for your website and the good informations and advices that you give.
My question is about the crossfit WOD. I saw the strengh part is the Jim Wendler's 5-3-1 but how do you program the Work capacity? I mean in the choose of the exercices (between the three categories NetCon, Gym and weighlifting), the duration of the WOD, the weighs...?
I train for Reebok Crossfit France and i wanna ad, at least, another work capacities to your's, how can I organise it (to develop properly my capacities and not exhaust my muscles)?
Thanks again for all your advices and sympathy.

Kevin Monch | 2012-08-08

When programming the Crossfit workouts I take a few things into consideration: 1) Type of workout (density, interval, countdown, rounds for time, amrap, single movement mind f*uck), 2) duration, 3) Incompass a total body exercise, lower body exercise, upper body exercise, and core (back and abs), 4) I follow the Crossfit main site daily and the Crossfit games WODs and program workouts and exercises that an athlete could/might see in competitions, 5) Lastly, I use my experience, which is most important in my opinion. As far as adding another work capacity to my programming, I'm not going to tell you it is a bad idea, but you must be extremely careful not to over train and hurt/burn yourself out. My advice to you, if you are adamant about doing more work, would be to SLOWLY add more to these sessions, if and only if you feel ready. By slowly, I'm talking about skill work, another strength movement, accessory work, etc. Remember...train smarter, not harder.
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