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Mike, I am a 35 year old olympic Weightlifter and I have been doing your WOD for about a month nowe and I love the variation. My question is on the workout for 11/28. WHat is a Barski Snatch and what do you mean by a Still Leg Deadlift. Is this a Stiff leg Deadlift? Thanks

Geoff Durian | 2005-11-27

i have to go back to school for my spelling...or my lack of concentration. i am convinced i am a.d.d.!!!! oh well. yes....its a stiff leg deadlift. barski snatches or cleans are done from the high hang....3 straps....regrip the bar on each rep.....really works the explosion at the top of the pull...especially when you get to the 3rd rep!!!!
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