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Dear Coach

I'm a varsity university cheerleader and I want start doing your program to improve my O lifting to generate power when I have to toss girls. Is doing your WOD enough for a workout plan or do you generally have your athletes do more? Thanks for your advice
Erik Rasmussen

Erik Rasmussen | 2008-12-20

my wod is based on the general population. certainly it will build power so you can toss those ladies. it is periodized and cycled. there are going to be strength phases, followed by specific phases for oly lifting. one of the great workouts i give to those that need explosive power is the following: 1.( walking lunges x 10 each leg + step ups x 10 each leg x pull ups x 10) 3 rounds then i work one day a snatch workout then the next day a clean and jerk workout. some days i use db's and do a snatch complex and the other day do a cj complex with the db's. always working core work....back, abs, pull ups, etc.
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