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Is there any way to achieve the same training effect with more weight but less volume on the 10x3 days?

These old joints seem to recover better following a heavy day rather than these 10x3 days.

Thank you very much for the WOD.
What a great way to train!


Paul | 2008-05-07

i am all over high intensity low volume training. the only reason i am doing 10 sets of 3 reps is to change things up for my kids. if you want to lower the volume to 1-2 reps by all means do so.
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Thank you for the prompt response.

So in order to 'stay the course' -would 2x5 @ 85% or 1x5 @ 90% be advisable?

I've been enjoying your WOD immensely since beginning it. I've always had trouble over-reaching and burning out but your programming fits me perfectly!

The 10x3's were just a bit much for me, is all.

Thanks again.

Mike Burgener
are you saying 5 sets of 2 reps at 85% and 5 sets of 1 reps at 90%? it that is correct then you are all over it.