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Thanks again for the great site. I have been oly lifting for 5.5 years or so. My numbers have levelled off at 135 kg for CJ and 92.5 kg for SN at 85 kg bodyweight. They ahve been at those numbers for a while and I have tried a number of different programs that have led to little progress. I just started doing your WOD and was wondering if you thought that these workouts would be enough to improve my oly lifting or are they more for fitness such as crossfit? I really enjoy the variety and I will add some of the technique drills to work on weeknesses. I also was wondering how you felt about the difference in calculating weights via % or the bulgarian way of subtracting 5, 10, 15, 20 kg from their max? Thanks again, I really enjoy the site and love the WOD.

Dan | 2006-08-22

i like the americanized bulgarian approach personally....when i can use it..and by that i mean i have the athletes that can handle that type of program.  i use the term americanized because i still use a weakness guage in my athletes.  for example i find that casey b does well on the bulgarian system but still needs snatch balances and rack jerks and rdl' we would insert them when appropriate.  make no mistake about it, one needs to be smart when one engages in this style of goes as heavy as he can for the day....not pr;s but what he has in him for the day....then he backs off from there.  i like it but in reality have used it on very few athletes because they can not handle it or they have too many weaknesses they need work on....but i try to get them there!!


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