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When you say clean deadlifts/rdl combo, what exactly do you mean? I have an idea, but I'm not exactly sure. Thanks Coach.

Matt Mays | 2006-04-19

this is basically a positioning exercise. the athlete lifts the bar from the ground the same way he would when they clean and or snatch....the bar comes to mid thigh and the athlete drives his knees forward (scoop/aka dbl knee bend) and then stands up. its a slow pattern initially its the clean pull to mid thigh, but then switches to the real rdl by driving the knees under the bar i.e. forward. the ahtlete then stands up and could shrug if you want them to.....lower the wt. slowly to 1" from the ground and repeat. hope this helps
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Allen Yeh

Is it possible to request a video on this? I am still having trouble wrapping my head around this exercise/combo.