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Coach, In today's WOD you list a movement called snatch lands. How does it differ from snatch balances; would you please describe this? Thanks, Mike

Mike Wilds | 2006-02-22

snatch lands are similiar but not exactly like the 10-11-12 or the 4th exercise of the burgener warm up.....the bar is at the top position of the snatch...the athlete is standing the athletes without any hesitation or mini drive....DROPS into a full snatch landing position. i use this drill to work on footwork......since i teach with the idea of jumping and landing some athletes come off the ground too high with their extension.....this drill enables them to get the idea of how the feet are to work in a very agressive pulling under situation. i use front sqt lands the same way and jerk lands the same the jerk the athlete drops into a split position while continuing to hold/push the bar in the overhead position.
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Jack Dluzen
sounds simalar to barski hangs