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What kind of squat program could I use if I am 6 weeks out from competition (the CF Open). Because the Open is itself 6 weeks long, what kind of program design do you recommend? Most squat programs are 8-12 weeks. Thank you.

R.S. | 2013-01-22

You have to decide if you want to train through the Open or peak for it. If you want to train through it than take your pick of any squat program and follow it as prescribed. Otherwise, I'd recommend either the Bulgarian method, which is to work up to a single max for the day, or a simple 5x5 routine where you are squatting 3 times per a week (Heavy, light, medium days). The main thing to think about is to not over think it! There are tons of squat programs out there, you just need to find one that you respond the best to! Keep it Simple!
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Thank you for the super quick response!

if I chose to peak for it, how would my programming change during the Open? Do I switch programs?
Beau Burgener
The Bulgarian method is more tailored towards advanced athletes and you'll find that the squats are more used to prime your body for the lifting session. When you are working up to a max for the day think of it terms of 10 squats or less. A generic 5x5 routine better suits beginning lifters, and you cannot go wrong with it. If you choose this method, keep performing your squats through the open, but just have a rest day or 2 before doing the Open WOD.
I plan to use rippetoe's 3x/week squat program you have on your site. What days should I program my Oly Lifts? same training session as squat days and if so, whats the volume/intensity look like for oly. Im on a 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off training schedule. most days i have only 90m to train. Thank you for your expertise.