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Hey coach, so i have been a crossfitter for the past three years or so, and for about the past 6-8 months have been messing with doing some strength wod (1-2 lifts ex. back squat, and press for 3x5, or 5x5), then a normal metcon wod, followed by some auxillary lifts to help strengthen specific muscles.
my question is that now i am wanting to improve on my oly lifts. i was thinking of doing something like the following...
mon, wed, fri
your oly wod, followed by a metcon, and aux lifts
tues, thurs
power lifting strength wod, metcon, aux work
gymnastic work, long metcon

what do you think? would it be benificial to train your wods that way? or should i go with a different oly training program? hope this all makes sense. thank a ton for all your help!

Andrew | 2012-01-26

try it and see. sounds like a plan to me. keep good notes and see what your progress is. let me know your results....after 4-6 wks. we can discuss this more if the results you are not getting are to your liking.
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