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Hi Coach B!
I recently became interested in Oly lifts (been doing powerlifting for years). I had my bf teach me, didn't go well, he's not so great at teaching absolute beginners. Was offered a free month at CrossFit by a business associate and got the basics down. Now trying to do CrossFit type workouts in a regular gym (can't afford the CrossFIt gym). I found your generic Oly lift program which I intend to follow. I really want to add metcons to that but am kind of unsure what to do. Any suggestions or can you point me towards some resources so I can out together good metcons that will supplement my Oly training?
P.S. I've been doing the Burgener warmup every day for 2 weeks, LOVE it!

Kristin | 2011-11-08

i have been fired one time in my wife fired me when i would not load her weights!!! go figure!! bf and gf do not work!! where do you live??? my e mail is: you can contact me there. coach b
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Very similar situation. I am falling in the love with Oly lifts and want to continue to improve. I also want to be well rounded on the metcon side of the house for my career (law enforcement). Just having trouble working the program out. Time is at a premium with a young family, but I have been squeezing 6 workouts into an 8 day work rotation.

Coach, any advice would be greatly appreciated.