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Hi Coach,
I found Oly Lifts after encountering Crossfit two years ago. This was a lucky happen-chance discovery after three decades in the 'regular gym routines', trying to build a pair of thighs. In the last decade, I lost my knees to running and now am told I have to get older before being eligible for knee replacements. Nevertheless, once I found Oly Lifts I never looked back. I've been following your WOD for the last year, but I'm struggling with incorporating other passions like swimming (in lieu of running), biking, and an equal interest w/ Crosssfit fitness routines along with the lifting.

My question is, how do I fit it all in - in a sensible manner? I want to do it all if I can. As I see it, it all adds to the quality of Life. At 55, I'm not trying to break any records, but want to enjoy a maximum level of fitness that is relevant to my age. My thought is to do a three day split: Oly Lifts/Swim/bike & Crossfit. What do you think? And how do I get the most out of the Oly days? I've noted that you tend to split upper and lower in two days, which I think I would have to combine into one day.

Thanx Coach - any recommendations would be gratefully received. Keep lifting - keep riding! - David

David | 2011-05-07

when you figure this out, let me know. i am almost 65 and still trying to figure it out. but what i have found is that we do the junk yard dog warm up (at 55 not sure i would do that) but we do the burgener warm up and skill transfer daily, regardless of the wod. then for the first wk we do 3 days met con and 2 days oly....the next week we do 3 days oly and 2 days met con....this seems to work well. hope this helps, coach b
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Thanx Coach - appreciate your response. Can you direct me to where I can find your Burgener w/u and the daily skill transfer on the site?