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Hi coach, how r u?

My question is:

I currently train 6 times a week (M,T,W,T,F,S) and am going to increase my squatting frequency to 5 days a week (no squats on friday). On which days would you do front squats and on which days would you do back squats?

Thank you

Robert | 2011-05-04

i have done this several ways, but routine of choice is fs every day no back sqts. push the envelope and do heavy singles...sometimes back off from the heavy singles, otherdays only do heavy singles. go how you feel. then once every 4-5 wks add back sqts. try might be surprised. no up to a max, a heavy and maybe a new pr. here is what i did to one of my kids who needed more leg strength: fs....heavy single sn...heavy single fs....heavier single cj...heayv single pr. hope this helps.
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