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Coach, I have been doing the wendlers 5/3/1 and crossffit in twice daily workouts. For wendlers I only do the main lift, then a met con a few hours later. Since doing this I have neglected the oly lifts. Do you have any suggestions for a routine that with oly, strength, crossfit, that can be done with 2 a days

Pat | 2011-04-30

i suggest to everyone doing xfit and the olympic lifts the following: every day, every workout, do the the junk yard dog warm up then the burgener warm up for a purpose, the skill transfer exercises for a purpose...then 1 sn from mid thigh and 1 sn from high hang. this will take about 5 min or so to complete but it is a great warm up.....the key is to understand why you are doing each of those 10 exercises. (crossfit has a ton of info on the bwu and skill transfer ex) then after all the EVERY SINGLE will do on day 1 wk 1 your metcon, day 2 practice the snatch, day 3 metcon, day 4 rest (3 on 1 off) day 5 practice the cln and jerk, day 6 metcon. day 7 rest. then wk 2...reverse that. day 1 practice the sn, day 2 met con....etc. hope this helps, coach b
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