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He Coach B:

I have a question about the Chinnese Weightlifitng System and how you can use it for athletes and teams in the high school and/or college setting? What are the differences between the Bulgarian system and the Chinnese sytem? i know that some strength coaches at the college level in Iowa are using the chinnese system; good success so far (the specific coach has a chinnese weightliftng connection from years back and is a Senior International Coach).

What are you thoughts and do you think the chinnese method is good or bad for football, track, volleyball, etc athletes?


Jason | 2011-02-25

its all good! many ways to skin a cat.....i have found that according with whom i am working i will devise my plan! i believe in sn, cj fs and work on weaknesses.....but not if i am working with a beginner. also the chinese (whatever the system they use) have a gazillion people from who to select.....they can take chances. mark from iowa and from china is a good coach but his system did not work at nmu because of the numbers and athletes....but its still a good system. the best coach in the usa in my humble opinion is steve gough out of montana....steve is a old school marine and gets all he can from his kids.....that is what works!!! ITS CALLED COACHING! so for me: sn, cj, fs, weakness working!!! AMERICANIZED BULGARIAN SYSTEM.
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