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Hi I am doing Crossfit her in Norway and I am on look out for help to program for improving my clean and jerk, and snatch. I have a clean and jerk at 100kg and snatch at 60 kg. Those numbers are stuck there and I need some tips. In addition to the Crossfit WODs I want to train strength 2 4 times a week but many of the programs I have seen are design for doing just Olympic lifts, and that are too much when I am also doing Crossfit. How to progress in a program and what I do when the progression stops, is something I also wonder how to deal with.


Mikael H Hansen | 2011-02-10

we do the burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises for the sn every single day!! we train them for a purpose and focus on that purpose. what i have my athletes do is alternate 3 days of met-con vs 2 days of oly lifting....then the next week 3 days of oly lifting and 2 days of met-con. we use 3 on 1 off philosophy. if i wanted more strength i would still do the work this way but i would sqt, pull, press on the off met-con day. i would continue to always, always, do the burgener warm up and skill transfer exercises (you can find these on every single day prior to the wod. it takes 2 min and 38 sec. to do both of these. hope this helps and good luck!! coach b
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