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Hi, I`m looking for a training program 5 times a week for oly lifts. I`m 24 years old and been training lifts about year, not competing, just doing them for fun. My personal bests: snatch 57kg, C&J 75kg, front squat 77kg, back squat 90kg.

I`ve been training 3-4 x a week something like this:
Mon: snatch doubles, C&J doubles, BS fives
Tue: power snatch doubles/triples, power clean+jerk same as ps, pulls
Wed: snatch doubles, C&J light singles, FS triples
Fri: snatch heavy single, C&J heavy single, BS heavy single

Now I have time to train 5x a week: mon, tue, wed, thu, fri/sat so any suggests for how would the training week look? I do some assistance work for example pulls, chinups, presses sometimes, abs several days a week. Main focus is still improving the lifts and squats.


Eemeli | 2011-01-07

you can take a look at what i have been doing on my mikes gym site....its a 5 day per wk program. for me personally if you were with me and i could observe you i would tell you never to go more than singles when you get over 70%. if you were to want more volume, then you can do more singles. one of the ways i like to train is for example on a monday: snatch: work to a heavy single, then 90% of that single x 1 x 2-3 sets....then 85% of that single x 1 x 2-3 sets...then finally 80% of that single x 1 x 3-4 sets. pulls x 2 x 2 sets at maybe 90%-100%. then fs. tu would be cj: wed would be ps and pc+j thur would be sn+cj+fs light friday rest saturday: go for the gusto in sn, cj and a heavy fs. without knowing you and what your work capacity is all about its hard to give you a program. my website has several that are very good. coach b
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