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Coach, what are your views on O-Lift incorporation into a team model of training when range of motion and flexibility issues are a concern?

I understand, ideally, you would want to first take the time to develop the athletes ROM and flexibility enough to where they can move weight through a full ROM in both the front and overhead squat. Then spend time developing power and strength.

Unfortunately, after spending time working with various University, semi-pro, and pro level Coaching staff I have seen the "other side" of training methodology. Where immediate development and performance gains out-weight legitmate long term progress.

I know that it will benefit the athlete more, especially in the long term, to develop a ROM which allows for proper muscular development and contributes to thier ability to continually train heavier but I also know that as a Coach, especially outside of Olympic Lifting, I have such a limited amount of time to make any progress with athletes and if I do not produce results that I will have a short lived career.

Where does this leave a new Coach? If time is limited is it better to just train power clean/snatch and take the immediate increase in capacity instead of contributing to long term development?

Chris | 2011-01-01

great question!! rom before strength and body wt exercises before barbell exercises. that has been my mantra since day 1. having said that i am also employed as a coach for a head football coach! they want a program that works for them. i try to let them know that without the flex and rom injury occurs! take a look at our pro ranks....a collision sport for sure and look at the injury rate!!! omg!! i will make sure in my wo template to have time to enhance rom on a daily basis while doing my best to educate my coaches (fb normally) to why we do what we do. hope this helps.
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