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Hi coach,

I'm looking to increase my overall lift strength. I'm a rower so i train a fair bit which hampers my recover efforts. I want to work on my power clean strength and my back squat most. currently, at 170 pounds, i can squat 275 for 3 sets of 5, and clean 200 for 2.

What's the best way to increase my numbers?

Scott | 2010-08-26

i am old school so this might seem strange for a rower. if i want to get stronger i for-go the reps and add heavy weight. i work max every day....i did not say pr's i said max. i allow my body to be the guide. if my best sqt is 275 x5 i want to jump that up to 350 x 1 and go from there....i want little records every time i squat. when i am tired i lift less, when the frying pan is hot i do the cooking. the body will tell me what to do. i hate volume like 5's or 10's or whatever.....if i want more volume i will do more sets. in my world my kids do the sn, cj, fs and work weaknesses. good luck, coach b
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