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Hey coach.... Long time no see... Wondering if you have any tips or ideas about melding Crossfit WOD's and Olympic Programming together... I have been competitive Olympic Weightlifting for over three years but last August I made the switch to training for the Crossfit Games this year and added more metcon work and for several months I still kept my lifts around my competition PR's... After sectionals however I hit a major wall and am just now getting my lifts back up to the levels they were at a year ago... I expected a drop off since I am not specializing in Olympic Lifts as much anymore but I saw a 20-30 lb drop across the board and I think this strength drop off really hurt my placing in the Regionals. Even though I did place in the top 20 I think I could have gotten a top ten if I had properly programmed... Any ideas on how to blend these two disciplines together?

Thanks Coach... Any advice, as always is greatly appreciated...

Justin VanBeek | 2010-06-07

when josh everett went met-con for the games and the regionals he really concentrated on the met con much like you did.....but he practiced the sn, cj, fs anyway and lifted heavy weights or at least as heavy as he could for volume type of loading i.e. 5 x 5....might do something like 80%x1x5....that is 1 rep for 5 sets....keep the intensity up but the volume down while working the metcon.
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