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About a month and a half ago, I discovered that my right arm is about a half inch longer than my right, which explains an imbalance between my right and left sides. However, it also means that I've been putting much more strain on my right shoulder, since on every press, my right arm is pushing the weight by itself for a little extra distance. This also happens on things like handstand pushups. For barbells, I've been cheating out my right hand an extra inch or so on the barbell, so that when I jerk and snatch, I'm pressing to the same point, rather than making my right arm press an extra half inch by itself, which seems to be working alright. Is this the best thing I can do to prevent injury? Do you have any suggestions on how to work around this issue? Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Jon | 2014-08-06

We sent your message to a respected PT and this was his response: In my many years as a PT I have found very few (less than a hand full) that have a true bone length discrepancy measured via radiograph. The vast majority of people coming into the clinic with a story of leg or arm length discrepancy have been mis measured usually by a Chiro that wanted to adjust them to make them "balanced" Those that did have a measurement discrepancy was not an actual bone length difference but was the result of pelvic "tilt" from a scoliosis, injury, muscle spasm, etc. In those cases no "adjustment" was going to help. In one case a youthful injury during bone growth which limited bone lengthening on one side. This was a true bone length discrepancy in which bracing and shoe lifts help. I suspect your client does not have a bone length problem but a measurement problem which would be resolved if another person would take the measure. In reality if there was a real difference of .5 in that small of an error would not be remedied with bar width adjustment. Hell most of us are off by .5 in with grip adjustments anyway. Without actually looking at his lifting I would go with Ockham Razor' and go with grip width that feels best and not waste time on things that you do not need to waste time on. That level of precise measurement is needed to put a satellite in space not to pull a bar overhead.
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