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Hi Coach,

What is your stance on those who say, "Olympic lifts every day will fry the CNS", alternating plyos with strength 2 days a week and Olympics the other two or sometimes three days a week, an old Nebraska-type split routine during strength and power training cycles for example, is a better way to train because of the recovery and longer term gains instead of burn out that they may see with the American Bulgarian System?

Also, how can you incorporate your American Bulgarian System into the high school or college setting where you are developing athletes over a 4 and 5 year period, peaking them at the right times, outside of regular long-term plans, etc. that are more linear and “traditional” in nature?

Some strength coaches think a system like yours will over-train athletes because they might see it as heavy training all the time, with no “conversation phases.” What is your position on hypertrophy for football or learn muscle-mass gain for athletes then conversation to power, or does linear periodization or non-linear periodization really do not exist for athletes and people in general, like some of these above strength coaches think? Does peaking really not exist or is constant gain with lots of recovery the key?

I just want to know why everyone is not taking part in your system to some degree. I have been a strength coach for the past 10 years at every major level and I have seen the "different ways to skin a cat", however, why is this always a problem when most of us in the field understand the need for more strength and power all the time? Do they just not understand a type of program like yours, where constant explosiveness will make better athletes year-round?

I am asking you a many-part question because I feel that some coaches are “wasting” there time when it comes to helping athletes, hurting them more then helping them. I just want them to learn more about your system which I believe in on a number of levels. I always try and point to the caveman and our ancestors’ example. “They were explosive all the time, running, jumping, roaming with no mass on their bodies, or with sets of 5, 8, 10reps, are bodies are meant to be explosive all the time”.

Thanks for your advice as always.


Jason | 2011-08-01

my stance is that it is my stance....that is it....i would not use this in a hs setting....not in a fb setting and i would not use it with younger athletes. i like the american bulgarian system when i am working with individual athletes. athletes that i know. athletes that i train. athletes that are olympic weightlifters and are at a high caliber...athletes that have a solid foundation under their belt. i will promise you that the old master ivan....did not just start using the bulgarian system on his younger athletes....when my son casey who had weak legs needed leg strength we worked hard on that knowing that his lifts would suffer....soooooo we worked hard on the legs and worked speed and positioning with his lifts....then as the legs got strong we started going down in the squats and working harder in the lifts...the coaches eye is critical in any program....a fb program has 100 kids in can anyone do a bulgarian program with 100 kids. i wouldn't....i would periodize a fb program and any other large program with tons of kids. i hope this answers your question. if not contact me at: and we will try to let you know what i do.
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