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Hey Coach, I mainly do squat and power jerks and I want to incorporate and focus overhead squats (jerk grip) in the WODs because I think that they will help me tremendously. My question is how many days a week should I do OHS (jerk grip) if I lift 5 days a week, what is an ideal range sets, reps, and weight would that you recommend, and on what days should I do them? Thanks

Michael | 2011-01-08

i would say 1 time per week is enough. i would count that as a sqt workout though. my kids sqt pretty much daily but only the fs. we do ohs some, but mostly sn balances. i would suggest you use this as a stability/core exercise and leg exercise for the jerk. if you get driven down in that low position you need to be strong getting out of the hole. not many can do that. the margin for error for the sqt jerk, pwr jerk is very high.
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