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I normally do sn max for the day and cln&jrk max for the day on saturdays but the problem is that most times I am spot on with my snatch in terms of technique and the amount of weight lifted but when I go to cln & jerk it seems like I can't get anything and my technique isn't as good, for example today I probably lifted my best snatch ever in terms of heavy weight and technique and I couldn't cln&jrk more than my snatch. The weird thing about it is that when I do clean&jrk sessions during the week my technique is very good and Im doing alot more weight without a problem. What do you think could be wrong?

Andrew | 2010-05-22

who knows....conditioning? maybe....maybe not.....try a 4-6 wk cycle of doing sn, cj, fs and working on your weaknesses and see if that works. the other thing to try is to do the cj first and see what happens. when you do this, let me know.....i am anxious to see what took place. coach b
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