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I do strict olylifting at home but unfortunatley I am in weighttraining at highschool where they make us max out on benchpress, power clean, and squat for grades. I dont do cleans or squats at school because the bars arent good, i dnt want to bring oly shoes, and last I dont want to mess up my technique. But I have to do bench at school and after we maxed the other day my jerks technique was shaky the same afternoon. So is it just me or does benchpress interfere with jerk technique?

Jackson | 2010-02-16

believe it or not when i was a lifter years ago there were 3 lifts.....clean + press, snatch, cln+jerk. i never practiced the cln and jerk because we did so much benching for the press and so much pressing as well.....the jerk came natural. you are in a h.s. setting where your coach wants you to bench.....just go with the flow until after you graduate....make due with what you have......i like the old saying of fdr years ago: DO WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE WHERE YOU ARE!!!! makes sense to me. keep up the good work and make it happen!! coach b
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