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Hi Coach, Thank you for providing this 8 week program for crossfitters. I am on week 5, and happy with how I am progressing. My question relates to how to properly perform day 3 of week 5: 6 sets of 3-position clean + push press, 3 position clean +push jerk, 3 position clean + split jerk. Do you mean 6 sets of the 3 positions for each press? In other words, start with high hang clean +push press, mid-thigh clean +push press, from floor clean +push press, then move on to push jerk, then on to split jerk? Or do I move from high hang clean + push press to mid thigh clean + push jerk then from floor +split jerk as one set? Is it 6 sets of 9 lifts, or 6 sets of 3 lifts? It is a confusing question to ask, I hope you can catch my drift! Thank you.

Julie Parisien | 2009-10-05

3 pos is 1 from the floor, 1 from mid thigh, 1 from the high hang or pocket i count that as 3 reps.....never 9 reps...only those 3. so if i wrote 3 pos clean +pp that would mean i would do depending if i wrote the number of pp on the workout.....assuming i did not...i would do my 1 cln from floor, ,1 cln from mid thigh, 1 cln from high hang then the pp.
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Julie Parisien
Caoch, Thank you. I can directly attribute learning the snatch and following your 8 week program with some huge PR's I got last cycle. Fran down to 4:44 from 8:45, Elizabeth (95#cleans and ring dips ) 9:45 from 12 something, and the best thing is my DL is up 10 lbs, and BS up 15!!! Thank you a million times, and also thanks for the videos of Natalie - she is my perfect visual aid! Sage too. THANKS!