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Hi coach been reading your here in your site....anyway i was a frustrated wtlifter, due to personal difficulties in life.i only would like to ask about the generic workout program.

How to execute 2 pos (snatch/clean) and 3 pos also.sorry if this is a newbie question because our training program varies from ours.and also been reading your 12 week and 4 day peek program.what are the abbreviated words mean...what is hlr and how to execute it and sn shrugs as well.

thank you for reply

Kojie M. Garcia | 2009-05-01

no problems here---that is what i am here for. first off 2 pos snatch and clean is one clean from the floor and one clean or snatch from the high or mid thigh hang position. hlr would mean hanging leg raise. there is an article some place giving the abbreviations to the exercises on my site. hlr=grab a pull up bar and raise your legs to the top of the bar. sn shrugs.....take a bar and get it to the stand up position using the sn dip and drive the legs up and shrug the shoulders.
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