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Coach B,

I just read the statement from USAW about the 2008 Men's WL team getting "0" slots for the Olympics. Can you explain what is going on with this? Not really sure what is going on.


Josh | 2007-12-20

the 2 yrs that the iwf counted for team placements in the world championships 06 and 07 determine the number of slots we get for the olympic games. after 2006 and our strong finish we had 4 slots available had the games been in 07. however by virtue of our poor team placement in 07 and our 27th finish gave us 3 slots prior to the drug testing. chinese tai pa was 28th with 0 slots. the drug testing rendered several athletes positive. obviously these athletes lose their chance at competition as well as their points. unfortunately for team usa the athletes that tested positive were not in any of our wt. classes where the score would help us. for tai pa however the positives helped them and they moved ahead of us by .02 of a point. we are now 28th and tai pa is 27th. we have zero slots tai pa has 3. we now have to go to the pan am championships in march in order to earn 2 slots. the unfortunate situation is that the iwf allows those positive teams to pay a fine of $250,000 and still compete in the olympic games. this will be the first time in the history of our sport that we as a clean team by that i mean one that uses no drugs gets bumped off because of positive drug testing by 2 teams that had 5 positives in 03 and 3 positives in 07... that is 8 positives in 2 quads and now we have to pay for them!!!! its a travesty for our sport and our good athletes that want the olympic dream to come true.
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