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Why don't the heavyweights have low bodyfat le vels as the lighter weights. I understand that there are weight classes, but do the heavyweights not worry about diet since they have no weight limit or is meticulous nutrution only a concern for the lighter weights. To my knowledge only Chigishev and Pisarenko, of way back, were probably the leanest of all the heavywieghts.

Theodore Williams | 2007-12-18

good question. the 2 you mention were lean and looked great like wrestlers. most others however are at a higher % body fat. i know my son is trying to gain weight as he needs to and keep the fat content down. he is eating healthy but every metabolism is different and handles food in different ways. i would suggest that chigishev and pisarenko could eat whatever they want and still be lean and look good. so depending on who your parents were i think that will for the most part tell if you are going to be lean and or built like chigishev and pusarenko. just my opinion
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