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Now having 15months of CrossFit under my belt, I notice that my overall ability to move heavy weight is a limiting factor in my game. After regionals I want to focus on building strength in the Olympic lifts, press, squat and deadlift.
I was wondering about your programming to achieve these goals, and weather you had any advice on maintaining crossfit metcons and gaining strength. I've also looked into other programs such as Outlaw Way and CF Football. Do you have any thoughts on these?
Thanks for what you do and for your advice.

Hey Andy...all programs are great, but the key is finding one that works for YOU. Every athlete is different so you must find a program that works your weaknesses, believe in it and give it a shot. If it isn't working, then change it up. The lifting WOD on my site is for Olympic lifters and is not programmed with the CrossFitter in mind. The CrossFit football program is a great resource and has been known to produce some strong athletes.