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Hey coach.. Ive been using your 4 day/ 12 week program and i am loving it!
I have two questions: A) Do I repeat the days in cycle? As in, complete day 1-4, then start at day 1 again? And B) Do i wait until the end to re-test maxes? Since im very new to Olympic lifts, as my technique improves, so do my 1RMs. What would you suggest as a good point to re-test my 1RMs? (Or do i increase weights as it becomes easy?)
Thanks in advance,

It is a 4 day/week cycle. So I would recommend training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or what every your schedule will allow. But you only perform the sessions once for that week. Yes, I would recommend that you wait til the end to re-test your max. With that being said, if you are feeling good, then feel free to take the weights up a little during that session. That is the same with the fact that if you are feeling bad taht day, then you can take the weights down. It is all about how you feel that day!