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Hi. This is my first time watching your videos and reading all the Q&A's for snatch technique, because I find it to be my most difficult lift. I'm a 5'2 female and weigh barely 110lbs, I pr'd on my power snatch at 115lbs last week,before that I could not move past a 110lb pr. Today 110lbs felt like it was max effort.. I cannot get past this weight and it's so discouraging, because I work on snatch technique at least once a week, any tip would be great to put some perspective on my lift.

i would have to see your technique....if you would like send me a video to:  if you are power snatching more than body wt. your form is way off.  that simply means you are over "strengthening" the weight.  you need to DRIVE....EXPLODE the weight up and pull your body down under the bar.  i say:  MOBILITY, SPEED, STRENGTH in that order. 

where do you live??  i might know a good olympic coach that can take a look at your tech.  until then send me a vid and i can analyze.