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Hey, coach... Long time no see...

Hey, question for ya... I've noticed this for a while and was wondering what ideas you would have to correct it... During both snatch & clean as the bar passes my knee up to about mid-thigh Ive noticed I over exaggerate my scoop under the bar and before the jump at the end of the second pull I'm already on the balls of my feet then try to extend through the jump already on my toes so it seems to be effecting the power I'm generating on the bar along with the bar path on my catch which leads to a lot of snatches lost out front... Plus, it is contributing to back pain after snatch sessions because I'm exchanging lower back extension for hip extension to finish the lift... Any thoughts??

you are losing power....the scoop, transistion, dbl knee bend whatever you call it is a slight bend in the knees that one does not think about.....the acceleration process takes place after the bar passes the knees. if i stay back and when the hips begin extending the knees automatically bend....a tad....that is a quick stretch reflex...if i think about it....go past it too much...i lose power. stay back and think finish when the bar passes the knees.......the scoop will automatically happen.