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Coach- I frequent Crossfit, but now I am looking to sports specialize for the first time since college. I was a college soccer player (wish I would have known about oly lifting then...) but I am looking to start playing rugby in the spring and summer. I've looked around for someone experienced in oly lifts, but no one seems to know anything about it here (SW VA). What would you sugget for initial stages? Saw your son's results from Qatar, what a freakin' stud!

first off you will love son beau plays at cal poly san luis obispo in central calif. he loves it. finding an olympic coach can be accomplished by calling usa weightlifting. 719-866-4508. i would talk with andrea or maybe rodger de garmo they have lists of certified coaches in the area. i know tom mckinny is at the u. of va. i believe....tom is awesome if you can get to him. good luck and let me know how you are doing. crossfit, the oly lifts are awesome for rugby athletes. also you may want to consider attending the crossfit oly lifting certification in jan. coach b