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Hi again,

I tried to do the squat clean. Like you mentioned here

I see some bar moving around knee

I have tried to fix this by increasing the distance between the bar and shin, this however made the lift feel really powerless.

The same thing is also going on with the snatch. Bar around knee

What would you suggest, how should I coop with this?

Any other noticable issues with the pulls? I thing that my hips still are too high.

Thank you,
Best regards


Hey Daniel-
You are absolutely right with both of your coaching points...going around the knees and that your hips are a little too high when starting the lift. As a coach, there are 3 main things that I am looking at...knees, feet, shoulders. 1) Knees must get back and out of the way, 2) feet, weight must be on the heels when you get right above the knees (aka: take off position), 3) shoulders, must finish!!!!. So really focus on getting the knees back and weight shifted back to the heels during the first pull. To do this, I'd slow down the first first pull as well as pausing right above the knees for a split second to make sure you are in the proper position before continuing on with the snatch and clean.
Other than that, keep it up...your lifts are looking great!!!